Sunday, December 28, 2008

Quiet cookies

So these are my cookies thanks to my SATANIC oven! I had even lowered the temp. by 25 degrees (like I always have to) and baked them for 4 min. instead of 8. And this is still what I got! Oh well, that's why I do a test batch because I don't trust my oven. ;)
That's better!
Finished product, after dipping

Meh... They were alright. Nothing special. I honestly didn't even WANT to make these, but I was dying to make some cookies. Of course my daughter was napping and if I make even a peep (and I guarantee my KitchenAid is more than a peep) she'd wake up. So I made something that required no mixing. Glad I did, so I can check it of my 'to make' list, but honestly wouldn't ever make them again.

Oh, and yesterday I wanted some bon-bons and so I dunked some balls of Breyers into Almond Bark. Man, I love Almond Bark. I cannot seem to get enough of the stuff!

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